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Order your favorite products on JOKR


Get rewarded for every purchase you make!


Use your points towards future purchases.


Introducing JOKR POINTS!

Get rewarded with JOKR points with every purchase you make!

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Points are redeemable at any moment. You will earn points on every order, no matter how big or small! You decide when to redeem and have 60 days before points expire.
Be on the lookout for opportunities to earn points faster, earn extra points through various promos, activities, and special deals!


How do I redeem JOKR points?

JOKR points can only be applied to purchases made on the JOKR app and are non-transferable. To redeem your points, select “JOKR Points” as your payment method and the points available will be applied to your purchase total.

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How does it work?

Earning JOKR points has never been easier! You will automatically earn points with every in-app purchase, and you can redeem them on your next purchase.

Are you a producer?



How much do I need to spend?

There is no minimum or maximum purchase amount to earn JOKR points. The more you buy, the more JOKR points you get!


How are JOKR points calculated?

The total amount of JOKR points are calculated based on the net value of your cart., excluding shipping costs and tips.


How much are my points worth?

1 JOKR points = $1 mexican peso


How can I use them?

JOKR points can be redeemed towards any future in-app purchases. When you select JOKR points as your payment method, the total amount of JOKR points available will be used. Points cannot be transferred, exchanged or sold. Points have no cash value until they are posted to your account.


Are they transferable?

No, points are only available for personal use and can only be redeemed from the profile where they were earned.


How long do they last?

Your JOKR points are valid for 60 days from the time they were earned. Upon expiry, points cannot be refunded.


Where can I see my JOKR points?

When you visit your checkout screen, you will see a note displaying the amount of JOKR points that you have available.

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