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Build your brand with us

Grow your online market share and build brand awareness through JOKR's retail media offering.

A wide variety of placements to suit all your needs

Various home-page banner types

Highly visible content to build brand recognition and loyalty. Choose the asset type that best suits your needs and budget.

Reach JOKR customers outside the app

Promote your products to our customers offsite through collaborative ads across JOKR's marketing channels.

JOKR Self-Service
ad platform

Bid to uprank your products across JOKR's search, homepage, and recommended content. Manage your campaigns or leave it to us.

Plus a wide variety of other marketing opportunities

Sampling, sponsored bags, and sponsorship of JOKR physical assets. Get your brand in front of customers.

Get in touch to find out more.

Get in touch with a JOKR Media Account Manager for a consultation to grow your brand.

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JOKR Media

Promote your products within the JOKR app, across our marketing channels, and through our store & rider network

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Be the category leader

We offer a wide variety of banners, brand rooms, and sponsorship opportunities to ensure that customers see you as the category leader.

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Grow your sales

Uprank your products across our personalized content to ensure high relevance for customers and increased sales for your brand. Place bids on search results, product recommendation carousels, and curated homepage content.

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Understand your success

Detailed post-campaign reporting and advice to allow you to adjust your strategy over time and improve ROAS.

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