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Our teammates and our shared values are our pride.
We build our team with the power of diversity, constant learning, and transparency.

(And end up with a long-lasting family).

Our riders are our pride - they make people happy - and this is the most wonderful thing.
And we want to give this back to them. We make them happy with every chance we get.
So if you love cycling around the city, join our team.
Do what you love and we’ll do our best to make it even better.

Why us?

Be part of our amazing community of riders

Ride with us

10 reasons to be a rider at JOKR

  1. Not just a job, but the beginning of a career.

  2. Flexibility

  3. Everything you need to get you started (Surprise starter pack)

  4. Cool uniforms & equipment 

  5. Real integration with the whole team

  6. Rewards, incentives, surprises

  7. Free stuff & discounts for you & your loved ones

  8. Real team-work

  9. Diversity 

  10. Frequent feedback sessions (face to face & anonymous)

Where we are

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